Calling All Creators 

“He has filled them with skill to do all kinds of work as engravers, designers, embroiders in blue, purple, and scarlet yarn and fine linen, and weavers – all of them skilled workers and designers” Ex 35:35

We knew you are out there, creating something beautiful with the gifts given by “HIM”. Now it’s time for the world to get on board, let us help you put that doodle, scribble, sketch, poster, or even the next “Last Supper” to good use. So if you have a beautiful creation glorifying the creator, we say what better way to evangelize than make it a design that’s fits into that T-Shirt, Coffee Mug, Phone Case, Poster etc. for the people to wear….

We didn’t say it but according to “Impressions magazine” (the leading apparel supplier magazine) a graphic T-Shirt will be read as many as 3,000 times in its existence..

What do we give you…

  • We give you an exclusive online store presence, brand yourself and get an exclusive corner
  • We’ll promote you on all social media channels
  • We take care of all manufacturing and dispatch

Ofcourse you earn a royalty on every product sale

How does it work…

  • Get an idea, contact us with details below
  • We’ll get back to you, with details to upload and the agreement
  • You upload the design, and we do the rest