Our Story


If you are here reading this, you already know that we dig designs big time and will stick a good design on a Tee, Mug, Mobile cover, Badge, Coaster, Notebook and whatever good surface that you can wear or use every day.

But you are obviously on this page to know more about us. So here we go…

We all love to flaunt a bit. And that's okay. But think of all the things we love to flaunt. The list could be short, long or endless. But most things get off the flaunt list soon. That’s an insight but true isn’t it?

Is there something that is enduring, meaningful, deeply personal and is not just a fad? Well, there is and it’s a ‘F’ word which defines each one of us. FAITH.

‘Faith can move mountains and do impossible things’. It is very powerful and is literally 'gospel' truth. We don’t even need to have too much of it. The size of a mustard seed is all we need and again, we’re not making this up, it’s written in the Scriptures!

Here’s the good news, we all have it. On some days our faith shines through and on others its a bit rusty and needs work. But it is there. Now why wouldn’t you want to flaunt such an awesome power in you? 

Okay we get it. We hear you when you say your faith is an inside thing, an intangible. True that. 

But hey if you can express intangibles like happiness, love, anger and all those myriad feelings through actions, words and these days mostly through emoticons, you can surely go one step further with Faith. You can wear it. Now, that’s how you flaunt it!

While your faith is all yours, helping you wear it and flaunt it, is where we come in. 

JCool. Your very own Christian faith wear. In many forms, colours, fonts, shapes and sizes. Because Faith looks good on you!

Where do we get the inspiration for all the cool stuff we create.

Everybody these days talks about content. Think about it, we have literally hundreds of years of content beginning with that man called Adam. We have 66 books, 1189 chapters, all packed into the most powerful and popular book ever (pssst: its the Bible!). And then we have literally hundreds of men and women of God over centuries building our faith. That’s really a lot of cool packed in there don’t you agree?

All this dawned on us one day, like a ‘ding’ that goes off in your head and you know it. Of course you know who put the idea there. Our job becomes very simple, we just need to place our trust in the One who set us on this path and need to run with it!

That’s how we do it.

Most of the designs you see here came right out of our heads! Of course God put it there. But sometimes we are inspired by great stuff that God put in other people’s heads!! We are quite inclusive and cool that way!! So we put our own spin on it to bring it to you and are decent enough to mention if its ‘adapted’!

What’s on our tees?

Oh there’s lot of style, attitude, power, spunk and spark on our tees. You know that already.

One thing we do consciously is not to be too explicit or preachy with our messaging. We are convinced that while our faith is powerful, wearing it should be cool and invitational. Imagine someone walking up to you and asking what’s on your tee because they are intrigued by it. Doesn’t that give you a chance to talk about your faith? That’s the underlying idea of JCool. That’s why we do what we do.

Contact us

There are many great reasons to get in touch with us…

If you are an artist, designer or someone who can create super awesome stuff based on Christian faith, lets connect.  We are building JCool as a platform to showcase work of such amazing folks like you. Give us a shout and we’ll tell you how you can market your own brand of cool faith.

If you are a organizing a church event, a youth program, a choir festival or any community gathering and you feel that our stuff can inspire your program, we are just a mail or a call away.

If you’ve got some ideas that you want to work with us and take it to the next level. We are all ears!

Whatever your needs or reasons to talk to us, give us a shout......